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Bicycle tour around the Alster

Hamburg, the pearl of the north, is known not only for its impressive architecture, vibrant culture and delicious cuisine, but also for its numerous green oases. One of the most popular and picturesque routes to experience the city's nature and urban treasures is the bike tour around the Alster. In this blog post we will take you on a journey along this idyllic body of water and show you why a bike tour around the Alster is an absolute must for every visitor and local.

Starting point: Happy Bikes on Lilienstr. 11

The tour begins in our bike rental shop right in downtown Hamburg, close to Jungfernstieg, one of Hamburg's most famous waterfront promenades. Here you can rent a bike, if you don't have one with you. The Jungfernstieg offers a wonderful view of the Binnenalster and is an ideal starting point for your journey around the water.

Waterfront promenade and green oases

The route takes you along the waterfront, where you can feel the fresh breeze of the Alster and enjoy the lively hustle and bustle of the city. The trail is mostly flat and well-maintained, making it suitable for cyclists of all experience levels. During the journey you will pass numerous green oases, perfect places for a short rest or a relaxed picnic.

Beautiful residential areas and parks

The Alster takes you through some of Hamburg's most exclusive districts, past magnificent villas and stylish parks. The view of the luxurious estates and manicured gardens is worth the trip alone. Take the opportunity to stop at one of the parks, such as the Alstervorland or the Eppendorfer Park, to enjoy nature to the fullest.

Alster pearls: Mühlenkamp and Winterhude

As you cycle along the Mühlenkamp, you can explore the charming boutiques, cafés and restaurants. The Winterhude district, through which the Alster also runs, offers the perfect opportunity for a culinary break with its diverse gastronomic offerings.

The Lombards Bridge and the Outer Alster

The Lombardsbrücke forms the transition to the Outer Alster, the larger part of the body of water. Here you can enjoy a wide view of the water and the surrounding city skyline. The Outer Alster is a magical place to admire the skyline in warm colors, especially at sunset.

Return to the starting point

After you have circled the Outer Alster, you return to the Inner Alster via the Kennedy Bridge. The illuminated city at night creates a magical atmosphere and an unforgettable end to your bike tour.


The bike tour around the Alster is not only a sporting activity, but also a journey through the diversity that Hamburg has to offer. The combination of nature, architecture and urban flair makes this tour an unforgettable experience. So grab your bike and discover the beauty of the Alster - Hamburg's vibrant artery. Are you now interested in taking the tour around the Alster, but don't have your own bike? You can visit us every day from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m Rent new bikes.

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