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General terms and conditions for bike rental

    1. Subject of the contract
      a) Happy Bikes provides the customer with bicycles to rent.
      The bicycles are handed over to the renter in perfect condition and must also be returned. The tenant identifies himself with an identification document (with a photo).
    2. Extension of the rental period
      a) An extension of the rental period is only possible after prior agreement with Happy Bikes and cannot be guaranteed. After more than 24 hours, a report will be filed.
    3. Payment terms
      a) The customer pays the agreed rent for the rental in advance.
      b) Happy Bikes reserves the right to require a deposit to ensure that the bike is returned in perfect condition.
      c) There will be no pro-rata refund in the event of early return.
    4. cancellation
      a) The booking can be canceled up to 48 hours before the agreed rental period. The full rental price will then be charged.
      b) Any cancellation will incur a processing fee of 10%, which cannot be refunded at any time.
    5. Use of bicycles
      a) The customer is obliged to treat the bicycle with care and return it in the same condition in which he received it.
      b) The customer is obliged to observe the traffic rules and to use the bicycle in accordance with the applicable regulations. He hereby declares that he has mastered the handling. Use of the rental property is at your own risk.
      c) The customer is liable for all damage that occurs to the bike during the rental process.
    6. Theft and accident
      The tenant undertakes to treat the rental item carefully and to protect it against theft. The bicycles must be secured to solid objects when locking. If you rent the bikes overnight, they must be stored in a locked room. Any theft insurance you may have taken out will expire if the bikes are left outside overnight.
      The renter undertakes to immediately report any theft of the rental item or an accident with other road users to the police and to inform Happy Bikes. The renter must submit the police report and the damage report to Happy Bikes. In the event of theft, the new price must be paid: City bikes = €549 / touring bike €1,149 / e-bike €3,500 / racing bike €1,190 / gravel bike €1,900 / children's bike €399. Theft insurance can be taken out for €3 per day per bike/e-bike and €5 per day. If you take out this insurance, in the event of theft, your own contribution drops to 10% of the new price. Even if you take out insurance, you must report it to the police.
    7. Liability
      The renter is liable for damage that goes beyond normal wear and tear as well as the loss of accessories (loss of CityBike key=€15, loss of touring bike key=€29, loss of E-Bike key=€129, loss of mobile phone holder=€14) in the amount of the repair costs or in the case of major damage, the amount is the same as the new store price. Repairs to the rental item are carried out exclusively by Happy Bikes. If the tires are flat, the rental bike must be returned to the rental station. – Any transport costs that may arise will not be covered. The exception to this is bicycles, which can be changed yourself using the replacement tubes provided if you have the necessary knowledge.
    8. Place of jurisdiction
      For all disputes arising from or in connection with the use of our services, Hamburg is agreed to be the exclusive place of jurisdiction.
      Should individual provisions of these general terms and conditions be or become ineffective, this will not affect the effectiveness of the remaining provisions.
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